Friday, October 24, 2014

Healthy RICE

Today I bought a packet of rice from South supermarket.
It looks like the golden rice. Some of our Golden rice scientists have been struggling with legal process to reach the rice to the growers, there is its replica already on the sale.

There is not much detail on the packet of the rice. But looks like the golden rice from all angle.
We will cook tonight and taste how it tastes.

The packet has the following information.

Fortified with B vitamins, Calcium and Iron.
The Healthy rice
Corn Rice
Lower Glycemic index and No Cholesterol
Naturally Rich in Beta Carotene, Lutein and Fiber. 
Masarap Na Kanin
2Kg Net weight.

 The back side of the packet mentions several benefits:
For Controlled blood sugar level, 
For good eyesight
For increased energy
Is Aflatoxin safe

 It further mentions:

Made from 100% natural Philippine grown corn. Vitamin enriched, No artificial coloring.

The corn rice is produced for : Philippine Leading Infinite Logistics INC. and Buy Pinoy save jobs.  Their address and phone number are mentioned in the packet. For recipes it gives a a website :

When can we have the golden rice in our plates?