Friday, June 14, 2013

Best Wishes for the 4th Convention of OBCA

Dear OBCA delegates and the Convention organizers,

It's a pleasant news to learn that the 4th supreme convention of Bhutanese Organizations in the USA is scheduled to begin in a few hours from now. I wish to convey warm greetings to all in attendance and wish for a success of the convention. 

After passing through difficult transition, fortunately,  in the atmosphere of freedom and justice, you have miles to go and mountains to turn. I wish best of all lucks until the last. As the pinnacle of the people and the Bhutanese community in exile, OBCA leaders and members have important roles to play today and tomorrow. You have to put yourself into the shoes of a king or a government to foresee the need of the exiled brethren. I wish this convention discourses on the present needs and the acknowledge a long-term plan. May the convention develop strategies to transform the present challenges into opportunities  for the advancement of  the fellow countrymen in the rapidly changing contexts.  You also need to continue the process to mutual assistance and fidelity to the society. There is an urgent need to reach different section of the community in exile. I am confident that the OBCA has all the necessary potential to bring, appreciate and retain all sections as the inherent part of the society. May you take one bolder step to walk one step forward and make the organization a truly communal society. 

Once again, I wish you a fruitful convention in Denver.