Friday, January 4, 2013

4 JANUARY 2013: People peg themselves

Homo sapiens are nomads. This term may have changed to vagabond, gypsy, migrant, immigrant, emigrant, travelers, tourists, visitors or invader. The allusion is the same. People change places for too many reasons. However, instinct to remain attached to some space using house as a peg has not disappeared even after 3 million years outside the cave. People move out and return. They return for various reasons. I am interested to know the anatomy and genetics of people who love to remain free of pegs. How many people don’t want to tether themselves to a house, village or country? Are there any people who are free (totally) on their own will? It would be an interesting finding if we could genetically analyze a wide range of people from those who want to be pegged to others who shun attachments. GWAS could find the genes. What to do once the gene is identified? With identified gene it’s possible to transform the coming generation to the type we choose. But what do you choose your children to be? Pegged to a place, or liberated from attachments.
This thought came to me when I realized, the visa and passport system is designed to control the flow of people from one place to another, especially from one political state to next. This will continue for several decades or centuries, though the system will be more efficient and people friendly in the days to come.
Today, most of my time was spent in advancing the process for a visa sticker. The importance of the sticker has increased. Thinking of the harassment at the airports, I don’t feel like travelling. But every time pride fills within and spills out of me; every time I raise my head above my contemporaries, and ignore the basic moralities, I realize it’s time for me to travel. In every airport, departure or entry, I wait till the last for discourse on why I travel, give dozens of explanations to scores of idiots. These conversations treat me a lesser Homo sapiens. These treatments cleanse my pride from climax to null and void to anti climax. That is why travel is important, redeeming and refreshing to me.  Hassle during air travel invigorates me more than spa, meditation or sky-dive. Though late, there is a travel in my card. Before my next airport clearance, I want to do something heavy that infuses enough pride and boastfulness in me, so that I can purge during the check up. Although my intuition summons me to peg somewhere in a beautiful high land facing an ocean; the grand realities offer me liberty of a vagabond, I accept travels as the panacea to calm frequent emotional volcanoes of pride and hyper-confidence.
The research is getting on the track. Update part needs more leverage. The plants are going well. Manpower  is well mobilized. I am now preparing for a sum up of the field experiment.

Good Friday, Good night and have a great weekend. 

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