Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1 2013: Tuesday

To bring excitement to normalcy the night was short enough to offer me a sleep. Until midnight, the blasts of fire crackers kept me awake and the rest of the night "Hard truths". In morning I went around the park in pleasant village sometimes running and other times walking. I tried to sort out the works done and made a temporary "to-do" list to begin the works immediately. I tried contacting and updating Shanta. She is in Kathmandu now. 

I spent most of the day, looking back at the yesteryears and  getting lost at the miracle power of brain. The most important aspect of the brain is its ability to forget difficulties. Although we try to recall pleasant moments more than the unpleasant ones, brain has its own ways of purification. If our brain did not have this capacity to absorb and earth the shocks and sadness, the world would have been a difficult place to live. 

I don't have many hard resolutions this year compared to those ambitious resolutions mentioned last year. Even outside the resolution, 2012 was a great year to me. The most important was the successful organization of the First Young Scientists Conference. It was not in the resolution. 

For 2013, I am glad that I have enough challenges to tackles and  keep myself sharpened and ready. This year I plan to try several new things that I haven't attempted/thought in the last 4 decades. When I write the December 31 2013 page I want to write with the same energy and enthusiasm as I am writing this page now.

Govinda Rizal

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