Saturday, February 9, 2013

Book 2: Second Book Read in 2013

Sakas -  Jagadish Ghimire

Sakas (an Akhyan) tells stories about the famous people associated directly or indirectly with Manthali, Ramechap of Nepal. The pivot of the story is in Ramechhap and connections are everywhere. The story begins from a rehabilitation house where a mother leaves her rape-victim daughter for protection. The girl grows up to become a nurse, falls in love, gets married, gives birth to a daughter and works in a hospital in Janakpur. The husband disappears; a rich man rapes her daughter and attempts to turn on her. She intoxicates him, finishes him, flees with her daughter and leaves her in rehabilitation house. The nurse finds a man who lives with a kind old house owner. When the house owner is old, sick and bedridden, he decides to write the biography of the old man. The old man narrates his experiences.

Sakas covers the history of modern Nepal from the time of Ranas and end with the constituent assembly formed after the civil war. It covers the hardship and difficulties faced by different national personalities and local heroes. It is a sweet piece for historians. I am not the right reader to judge the truth of stories but the events appear real. The way the story is narrated keeps reader tethered to the book from the first to last page. Author has an inspiring way of writing Nepal’s socio-political history.  

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