Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Typhoon "Glenda" passes; effect remains

We had an adventurous night on 15th July 2014. Typhoon 'Glenda' (Rammasun) passed through Central Philippines showing its strength and mercy. Nature used its high pressure typhoon randomly for several hours to clean its area of influence. In our surrounding some big trees have fallen down, many have lost their branches and leaves. The remains have blocked roads too. Several trees are uprooted. They have blocked the roads in several places. Both big and small houses are affected. A lot of leaves and small branches are around PVA and safe apartment are green with leaves and still look beautiful from outside. There is NO electricity, internet, or telephone. Water supply has resumed. I cleaned the surrounding and cleared the drain in front our apartments. No human casualties were reported in our area. National channels report 20 to 30 casualties in Urban Manila. Now the residents are busy cleaning their areas. The are will will look more beautiful in the days to come.

A lot of houses on the roadside have lost their roofs and walls.  Many of the facilities at IRRI are damaged too. Some coconut and other trees have rested on the ground. Rice field looks unaffected- they make the rice institute proud. Screen houses at BG area are damaged too. 

After the internet resumes, perhaps  we can send you some photographs. It looks everything is over for now. There is no electricity. So we wake up with the sun and retreat when it sets. We have candle light dinner.
To me its reminding of my childhood days. I had some bright experiences in between. As long as there is water, its fine. Things will get normal soon and we are normal always.