Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A dog ran away with my flesh.

A dog made its day.
It was drizzling afternoon with signs of heavy downpour. I was rushing for an errand of altruistic importance. I reached a road crossing. Something pulled me back. I looked back and produced a spontaneous loud yell. It was a big black dog pulling my left calf from my back. People gathered around. They wanted to kill the dog. It escaped. It started to rain heavily. I rushed to a nearby clinic for dress up and received painful injections. I'll have three more injections if the dog remains healthy and five more if it shown signs of madness.

"IF" after thoughts.
I was hesitant to go out but had to. I should not have gone out.
I should have looked around while marching; the area is full of stray dogs.

Justice vs humanism
The wound from the bite is painful. I am bearing it. I am thinking of the culprit dog. It will be killed soon by the local people. The locals are afraid of the dog. It took away a small part of me and gave some (tolerable) pain. But we are animal eaters. We kill whole animal for food. The dog just had an unsuccessful attempt on me; I was its trial.  Do animals need justice? Should I punish the dog for its attempt on me? or think myself as a human with sense of humanism?