Saturday, February 23, 2013

AFSTRI 2013 Starting Ceremony

A Video is HERE

AFSTRI Execom 2012 called in front for acknowledgement.
From left to right: Kai wang [Finance], Mottaleb [Literary], Govinda [Common this is me], Judith Galeng [Philippino Affairs], Nurul Hidayetun [Culture], Jewel [Sports],  Dang Tam [Secretary]'s hand

Ando [2013 President] and Noel Magor [Head Training Center]  Congratulate Kai Wang for collecting a lot of money during 2012. In 2013, Kai wang is the VP of AFSTRI.

Nurul holds the plaque conferred by Ma'am Rose. Ando is in the center.

Ando [2013 President] and Noel Magor [Head Training Center]  Congratulate Dang Tam.  In 2013, Tam is Secretary General of AFSTRI.

Ando [2013 President] and Noel Magor [Head Training Center]  Congratulate Guru Mottaleb. Today Mottaleb released AFSTRI 2012 OMNIBUS.

They gave me a nice plaque.

They asked me to speak. Did i say anything useful??

A Plaque for appreciation
 An organized lunch.

 Lunch Time

Multiple Helpings

Ninh's Daughter.

Ninh's daughter
 The lady on my Right is Shanta with her usual smile and recent hairdo.
I was threatened to smile

Too heavy to FLY. I miss Newton. He would have understood by plight.

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 Craig with his late lunch
 Nurul with face paint and Jedy with a natural one.
 Tam is at the extreme right.
Its difficult to speak and hold the belly up. I am failing in multitasking.