Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Preparing for Leadership Module -Leading Teams

The second module of Preparing for Leadership Training Course for the second batch of Post Doctoral Fellows (PDF) was held on 21-23 September 2015  at the IRRI headquarters. The program was facilitated by Chris Dixon and Sharon Tudela of Growing Edge Limited, a Hong Kong based company providing executive coaching, leadership and organizational development training.

The course is part of IRRI's Leadership Development Architecture for PDFs. It consists of three modules: 1) Leading Self, 2) Leading Teams, and 3) Leading Resources. Target completion of the program will take place in 2016.

A total of 15 
PDFs based in Headquarters and Country Offices participated in the program namely: Alexander Struart (CESD), Govinda Rizal (C4), Shalabh Dixit (PBGB), Nikolaos Tsakirpaloglou (PBGB), Nyo Me Htwe (CESD), Pieter Rutsaert (SSD), Bryce Blackman (TC), Gudina Feyisa(SSD), Shanta Karki (C4), Geoffrey Onaga (PBGB), Ambica Paliwal (SSD), Suchit Shrestha (CESD), Jae Sung Lee (TTCGRC), Johnvie Goloran (CESD) & Millicent Sanciangco (TTCGRC). 

The program is supported by the Deputy Director General for Research (DDG-R) Matthew Morell, Principal Scientist Grant Singleton, and Director for Human Resource Services (HRS), Christine Croombes.

A welcome dinner party was also organized for PDFs on the first day of the program. 

For inquiries on future Learning & Development (L&D) Programs at IRRI, please contact HRS Organization & People Development Services (HRS-OPDS) at or access the L&D online calendar at HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2015-044