Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Second day into 2013, the trend of new year wishes is ongoing.  The official New Year has begun. I had a nice day today. No worries. Whether I get permit or not I feel happy.  There are thousand ways to smile but I choose only one way. I believe my intuitions and move on my ways. These days I begin to love English grammar.

These days I also am after sting ideas to do new things. I am looking for suitable friends with similar (weird) ideas to carry on with the plans. But how do I find treatable friends whom I can rely on to advance on these crazy projects. I am into the projects. I am sure I will be out with it on my hand.  
I watched a couple of videos. I usually watch films and videos for entertainment and new ideas. I seldom watch them to share sentiments. Today a 3 minute video catches my sentiments. I simply could not avoid mentioning it here. It is The Migrant Manifesto”.  I feel for it. After a long, long time, I spent enough time in social networks chatting with friends and relatives. From tomorrow I will be in the regular 7-5 office duties. That is what I enjoy most out of all.  That is where my interest will be waiting for me.


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