Monday, January 13, 2014

Bidding Beldangi goodbye

‘Alvida Beldangi’ launched

‘Alvida Beldangi’ by Shivalal Dahal, a poet, writer and an editor, was launched at Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar on Saturday. The book, published by Discourse Publication, centers on the stories and struggles of Bhutanese refugees and discusses the subaltern issues.

The event proceeded as the main guests and speakers talked about the book and the refugee issues and presented their paper on it. Dr Abhi Subedi, a well known literary figure; Gita Tripathi, a poet and literary critic and JB Biswokarma, a researcher and freelance journalist, presented their analysis and opinions on the story of the book, along with other books concerning the subaltern studies published by Discourse Publication. 

YN Chaulagain and Dr Taralal Shrestha, both writers who have ventured on the subaltern studies in Nepalese contexts in their books ‘Sakshi’ and ‘Shakti, Shrasta ra Subaltern’ respectively shared their experience of Bhutanese refugee camps in the country. 

Dr Shanta Karki and Dr Govinda Rijal, also present at the event, spoke about their experiences of the refugee camps and living as resettled Bhutanese. 

*Beldangi is the name of a place in Bhutan. Dahal is a resettled Bhutanese who is currently living in Kentucky, America and who previously resided in Beldangi. In an audio tape representation of the writer, he thanked the guests, presenters and the audience for discussing on his book. 
The book is priced at Rs 200


Please note: *Beldangi is one of the Bhutanese camp in Jhapa and is not in Bhutan.

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