Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 JANUARY 2013: Nature takes its course

Today my excitement was beyond control when i was back on the desk with research data heaped for analysis. A lot of time is needed to go through the heap thoroughly. I visited the green house after a long time, took part in screening but for a short time. We planned for coming works, discussed with the group and reshaped the implementation.

I showed AFSTRI’s office to Ando, the new AFSTRI president. I also introduced her to Anilyn and Frulian Fule. I explained her idea of IAAS Fund over coffee. The Currier has started moving. Now it is in Manila. I still hope to get a positive response by early next week. I am now addicted to listening the interview of Lee Kuan Yew from his book HARD TRUTHS. It is easy to listen.

I left office early (5:10 pm) for home. I need some rest tonight. Back at home I ran washing machine and dryer. No dinner tonight.  

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