Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013-Jan-26 Left Kathmandu for Thailand

Stayed in Nepal for 13 days.
Cold and dusty Kathmadu shows a tremendous prospect.
Roads are broadening.
People are even more friendlier.
The infrastuctures are developing rapidly.
People are seeking ways to stability.
Governemet seems strong
Motors for mass transport have become older and badly worn out.
I had tough time managing many events in short time.
Read two nepali books: Jeewan phool li kanda by Jhamak Ghimirey, SAKASH by Jagadish Ghimire.
Bought three books for the journey back home: Gurkhas daughter, Abraham Lincoln and Sapanako Samadhi (Nepali).
I am waiting for a good time to write and upload pictures.

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