Sunday, April 26, 2015

Worst recorded Earthquake in Nepal

The earthquake of 7.9 RS that shook Nepal and the Himalayan region on 25th April 2015 midday,  left behind unprecedented deaths, casualties and damages. Several, houses, historical buildings, monuments were destroyed. Several mountaineers on the way to Mount Everest were trapped and killed by avalanches following the earthquake.Within 30 hours of the first quake, there were more than 60 after-shocks.People are  on the road. Whatever data is reported, its changed faster with a higher digit.The estimation of loss hasn't started, there is no upper limit to guess the loss. Governments around the world have started to dispatch the relief and assistance. There seems no reliable mechanism in place to channelize the support, especially in the hinterland and remote areas. 

The government of Nepal has requested for international support (Reuters) to cope up with the natural catastrophe. 

The Prime Minster of India was first to show support and sympathy (Bloomberg), he has initiated "Operation maitri" to carry out the assistance (The times of India). The U.S. is sending Disaster Response Team, $1 Million in Aid to Nepal (TIME). 

Israel is set to send the aid (Times of Israel ).. Bhutan is preparing a special flight  for Kathmandu with medical team for assistance and to get back the Bhutanese stranded in Nepal (Kuensel) . 

Four Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft carrying rescue and relief assistance, including a 30-bed mobile hospital has left Pakistan for Nepal (DAWN). 
China International Search and Rescue Team (CISAR) was scheduled to leave for Nepal at 6 a.m. Sunday Beijing (CCTV-America) 

Canada sending advance Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) team to assess earthquake-stricken Nepal (Globalnews ). 
The list is endless. Several organizations, trusts and foundations have started to mobilize donations.
The social media are filled with the messages from well wishers and photographs of the disaster. The world has come together to sympathize and pray for the people of Nepal. 
It may take a long time for Nepal to get back to normal working schedule, the support from the governments, international organizations, celebrities, individuals, show that the world has come together to support the brothers and sisters in Nepal. May this spirit of humanity remain on the earth for ever and ever. 

Photos from Facebook and Tweeter.

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