Saturday, January 12, 2013

12 January 2012: Abstract is more real than reality

We trust realities less and abstract more. We get less pleasure out of real things and more from abstract things. Both trust and pleasure are abstract. Are abstract things real? We believe some of the abstract things so much that we take them for granted ‘real’. In course of colandering real from abstracts, let me offer you a few words to filter. As you go through the list judge them from your angle if they are real or abstract.
1.       Dream
2.       Happiness
3.       Patriotism
4.       Relationship
5.       Wisdom
6.       Age
7.       Prophesy
8.       Future
9.       God
10.   Heaven
Give 10 points to each word that you think is abstract and -10 if you think it real. Sum up. The sum you get the percentage how realistic you are.
If you gave -10 to any word, you are on the majority side. Only those people who think the above ten word as nonexistent are realistic. Realistic people, beware of the dreamer. All great truths are shielded by the abstract believers. People who score less than 50 are gullible.
These 12 days, I have added one more item in my list to love and take care. This time it’s my Liver. First I realized and gave some attempts. Attempts include: a teaspoonful of garlic power once every week, a tea spoonful of turmeric powder once every week, Z twist exercise twice a day, no fermented food, no soda and regular exposure to fresh air.
Liver: When liver has too much work to perform, it sets aside fat deposits. These gradual deposits accumulate and prevent the circulation of fat through liver, reduce the fat breakdown and use. Subsequently, the underutilized, excess fat gets deposited in the median part of the body, belly, waist and thigh. People look spindle shaped. If someone begins fatty, first doubt is the initiation of malfunctioning of liver.
So to prevent that, let the liver do its work. Slightly excite the liver with Z twist exercise, feed it with liver flush antioxidants. The work is done. However, overweight is good news obesity is bad. But overweight is the bridge to obesity. So it’s up to us to decide where to park your body.

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