Saturday, May 25, 2013

Discourse with the trainees of the Rice Production Course

Course Description:

Participants will be able to get their feet wet in the rice paddies of Asia and to know how rice is connected to the international community.

The 3-week course aims to create a new generation of plant scientists that are well networked into the international community and understand the importance of innovative plant science in addressing global problems.  The course will enable the participants to:

·        understand the basics of rice production with field visits to the main rice production region in the Philippines;
·        be familiar with the germplasm collection at IRRI and current issues related to germplasm exchange and property rights;

·        appreciate the research issues of IRRI and its development partners;

·        acquire hands-on skills relating to rice breeding, molecular genetic, and genomics;

·        understand how to structure effective international collaborations, and

·        plan and personal contacts to work effectively as part of the international research community in the future.

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