Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why do I emphasize R and Stata?

Once learning alphabets was enough to be literate, then it was computer and now Statistics has come up. If you do not know statistics, you may not be considered a literate any more. People will not believe your percentages and discoveries. Then, there are metadata, Giga data, and Tiga data to handle. More data are on the way. If you want to be prepared to face the tsunami of data you need R. R is free, easy to learn and productive.If you have small data set Excel and Access will rescue you.  If you have systematic data sets, go for Stata. If you want to play the data with your concepts and novel ideas of presentation of your results, R is for you. If you have large data sets to handle or want your staff to handle them, remember me. Let's sit together and solve them productively. I learned R and Stata in the hardest way. You don't have to. It's my pleasure to share my hard-learned expertise in R and Stata with you if you are burdened with data.

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This is the best place to start learning R.

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