Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bloggers: Welcome Again 2 Live Blogging

Last year, we had the first successful attempt to bring together bloggers interested with rice science. That was the occasion of Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP)  annual meeting or #GRiSP2012. This year too, we are getting our networks rephrased. In one year , we have extended our networks far and wide. So, lets use our extended networks to assist our IRRI event for a greater impact. This year the occasion is The 7th International Rice Genetics Symposium (RG7). All people who will physically attend the symposium are requested to use their Tweet and Blog experiences and networks. The people who cannot attend the mega-event hosted by IRRI, can make use of the live blogging. Please connect and make use of the live blogging. For update please keep [  #ricegenetics7  ] as the window to the network and live blogging. Lets begin the network and and see how we can blog live from the event place.

If you or your friends are interested  to get into the network please contact  Lizbeth Baroña (IRRI) via her email:  or #ricegenetics7

See you ONLINE
#ricegenetics7, @unclesho, @buruguduy, @rochiecuevas, @cindotsthoughts, @lizbe, @ricardo_oliva_P, @riceresearch, @adahmsparks, @jenique_13cc, @jeanmelgar, @kashmiriwomen, @PACEyes, @princeyuanito, @leahivatan, @RR_in_SK, 

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