Saturday, February 2, 2013

IRRI's Driver

On 27th January 2013,  I had a rare chance to travel inan IRRI car with an extraordinary driver. The driver's excellence fascinated me. I was fascinated especially by his softness in using the brakes. The traffic was thin and he occupied the expressway in 100+ lane. At the toll gates, he would apply the brakes in such smoothness, the passengers inside didn't realize it at all.  Institute (IRRI) takes pride in the excellence of its staff. All are very good. This driver is an extraordinarily good. If you get a chance to travel with him. Just observe his smoothness. Though I realized his excellence late in the expressway, I took this video in the Calamba traffic, the chronic traffic prone area in the highway. He brought three people with him Dr Arvind Kumar, Dr Shanta Karki and me. Dr Noel Magor who took the next car, I believe, did not miss the smoothness of our IRRI drivers.      The VIDEO is in FACEBOOK

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